Reek of Theft
Reek of Theft
Reek of Theft
Size -999 x -999
Skill(s) Required Ranging
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Hand
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This is a foul scent left behind whenever someone either carries an object off of a personal claim or village claim which they are not authorized to be on, or interacts with an inventory based object on a claim which they are not authorized to be on. It can be used to try to find the perpetrator, the perpetrator's hearth fire, and the stolen object(s),if any. An interesting note is that, if the perpetrator of a scent has already been killed, you can still track the perpetrator, and rather than saying "The perpetrator is dead" (which you can check by Force Summoning them), it will simply point in the direction of their corpse.

How to AcquireEdit

Right-click on the smoking footprint (specifically, the footprint itself) and select track to collect a limited number of scents. The longer it has been since the crime was commited, the fewer scents you will get for tracking.

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