Rings and Accessories

Rings and Accessories

A list of all Jewelry items.


Silver for the Ferryman:

If you wear this ring when you drown, you will lose the ring and be teleported back to the shore, alive.

(1 Silver Nugget)

Clothier's Thimble:

+2 to Dexterity and +5 to Sewing.

(1 Silver Nugget)

Forge Ring:

+6 to Strength and +10 to Smithing.

(2 Silver Nuggets)

Merchant's ring:

+3 to all Basic Attributes.

(1 Gold Nugget)

Occult Ring:

+8 to Perception and Intelligence.

(2 Gold Nuggets)

Thane's Ring:

+10 to Strength, +5 Charisma, +5 Agility and +10 Melee Combat.

(2 Silver Nuggets, 2 Gold Nuggets)

Ring of Brodgar:

+15% to Learning Ability.

(1 Gold Nugget, 3 River Pearls)



+5 to Perception.

(1 Nugget of any Common Metal, 2 Raw Glass)


+15 to Perception.

(1 Silver Nugget, 1 Raw Glass, 1 Silk Thread)

Pearl Necklace:

+40% to Learning Ability

(20 River Pearls, 1 String)

Bear Tooth Talisman:

+3 to Strength and +5 to Charisma.

(1 String, 1 Bear Tooth)

Bandit's mask:

It takes more time for others to memorize you when you wear it, Increases Stealth.

(2 Linen Cloth, 5 Blood Stern)

Dawn Chain:

+1 to Day Personal Belief, +10 exploration

(3 Gold Nuggets)

Dusk Chain:

+1 to Night Personal Belief, +10 stealth

(3 Silver Nuggets)

Family Heirloom:

+2 to Tradition Personal Belief.

(3 Gold Nuggets)

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