Rustroot Extract
Rustroot Extract
Rustroot Extract
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Prospecting
Object(s) Required Jar, Water (0.4 liters), Rustroot
Produced By Nothing
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Rustroot extract is used to prospect for mines.

How to AcquireEdit

In order to craft rustroot extract you need an empty Jar, a container filled with at least 0.4 liters of Water and Rustroot in your inventory.

Jorb has stated that the quality of the rustroot used will affect the radius of the extract.

((Q-10) * 5) ² is the equation used to determine the diameter of a square, which is checked for minerals.

So if you are using rustroot extract of quality 20, you will be scanning a square with sides of length 50.


The quality of the extract is the average of the Rustroot's quality and the water used. The quality of the jar is irrelevant.

(5 * QRustroot + QWater) / 6


Craft > Potions & Herbs > Rustroot Extract

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