Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working
Object(s) Required Bar of Wrought Iron, Branch
Produced By Hand
Required By Board
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How to AcquireEdit

Requires the Metal Working skill, one branch, and one Bar of Wrought Iron.

Built in the Craft Menu (C) under Tools (T)


The Metal Saw will give you a total of six boards compared to the Bone Saw's four. For this reason, bone saws are best avoided when a iron one is available: If you are living in a community ask to borrow a iron saw, to avoid wasting resources.

When quantity is not an issue and quality is,you want to use the best quality saw you can get. Bone saws are alot easier to get at higher qualities than metal saws. This is due the fact bone saws are based off of the survival skill and to a lesser extent the wood quality, whereas the metal saw takes into consideration metal quality, smithing level, and wood quality. It is much easier to get a 150+ quality bone saw than metal saw.

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