Foul scents are produced whenever a criminal action occurs, and can be used by those with the ranging skill to try to track down the perpetrator, the perpetrator's hearth fire, and to recover stolen property. Scents last a certain amount of game days before disappearing.

Most scents allow you to summon the criminal at their hearth fire by left clicking the scent, right clicking the hearth fire, and selecting "Force summon". This allows you to summon their character even while they are off-line. Note that this can be done at a distance - as long as you can see the hearth fire, force summon will be possible.

A scent can be taken an unlimited number of times before it expires. However, a container (including your inventory) can only hold 1 scent for a particular crime at a time.

Criminal Acts Scent Duration
Crime Game Time Real Time Summonable
Odor of Trespassing 1 day 8 hrs No
Smell of Assault 2 days 16 hrs No
Reek of Theft 8 days 2 days 16 hrs Yes
Stink of Battery 8 days 2 days 16 hrs Yes
Vile Vapor of Vandalism 12 days 4 days Yes
Stench of Murder 28 days 9 days 8 hrs Yes

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