LP Cost 1,500
Skill(s) Required Bee Keeping
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Numen points
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A small sericulture farm.

Sericulture allows you to process Silkmoths into silk.


  1. Catch a male and a female Silkmoth. They are randomly seen flying around Grassland and Forest Terrain.
  2. Place the Silkmoths into the same container. After a few hours (needs testing), they will turn into 6-10 Silkworm Eggs.
  3. Put the Silkworm Eggs onto an Herbalist Table. After 8 hours, they will turn into Silkworms. (If the table's quality is below that of the egg, the worm's quality will be reduced.)
  4. The Silkworms will periodically check for and eat Mulberry Leaves. If they fail more than once, they die. After eating 4, they will turn into Silkworm Cocoons. (Whenever a worm eats a leaf of lower quality than itself, the worms quality will lower.)
  5. Silkworm Cocoons will hatch into a random-gendered Silkmoth after 12-24 hours (needs testing), or they can be boiled for 1 Silk Filament (Modified by your Industry slider; full Nature will award 2 Filaments, whereas full Industry will award 0).
  6. 10 Silk Filaments can be spun into 1 Silk Thread on a Spinning Wheel, 10 of which can be woven into the final product, Silk Cloth.

In-Game TextEdit

"Superior softness, smoothness, shine and luster, all come with a price tag."

Sericulture allows your character to produce and weave silk.

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