Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required None
Produced By Forest Terrain, Grassland
Required By Tree
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Soil is a resource that is used in creating tree saplings to plant for trees. It is also one of the primary factor if the quality of trees planted. Because trees are used to create many different structures and furniture, the quality of trees are very important thus high quality soil is valued and may be traded to people that lacks access to them.

As of now, there is no known way in increasing the quality of soil other than finding it. However, an easy way to find quality soil is by foraging, as quality of foraged plant is directly relational to the soil it is on.

For more information on finding high quality soil, go to this link.


As of the the creation of World 4, soil nodes have become much more common, as crop quality depends now on the soil around it. q10 soil is now somewhat scarce, while it is not uncommon to find q20-30 soil nodes.

How to AcquireEdit

Adventure > Dig

Soil is dug from any forest tiles or grassland. It takes approximately 3.5 seconds to dig up one unit of soil.

Note that if you find a source of high quality soil, the quality will decrease the more you dig there. However, it will restore itself to its original value over time.

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