Tales by the Hearth
Tales by the Hearth
Tales by the Hearth
LP Cost 4000
Skill(s) Required Warrior Spirit
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Numen points
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This skill enables the use of the combat moves "Oak Stance", "Battle Cry", and "Invocation of Skuld".

In-Game TextEdit

"... and there, standing in confusion on the brink of defeat, Thilfing gave out a bellowing cry. In the shattering echo the Noms saw, as had been foretold, his pain, his agony, his anguish. His triumph."

To master the future, you must first become a master of the past. By remembering, and learning well, the legends told around the Hearths of your youth, you can use the examples set by the forefathers to set examples for future generations. Learn the old sagas, and use the lessons they hold to gain the advantage in battle.

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