Update! As of a recent update three new commands have become available under (Adventure -> Landscaping)

  1. Lay Brick
  2. Lay Gold
  3. Stomp to Dirt (turns the ground into what appears to be Mudflats, but cannot be dug at all)

(Stomp to Dirt requires the Farming skill.)


(Adventure -> Dig)

The Dig command generates an item specific to the type of terrain it is used on:

  • Beach: Sand
  • Shallow Water: Clay
  • Mountains: Stone 
  • Forest & Grasslands: Soil and earthworms (fishing bait)
  • Swamps, Hearthlands, and Moorlands: nothing
  • Mud flats: Acre Clay
  • Caves: Cave Clay (in shallow waters)


(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Plow Field)

Requires Farming skill to perform.

This command turns normal ground into Plowed Ground. Does not work on swamps, mountains, hearthlands and beaches, thus restricted to forests and grassland.


  1. Plowing by hand (i.e. without a Wooden Plow or Metal Plow) requires excessive amounts of Stamina, 25% per tile. A character will be too tired to plow when Stamina is 29% or less.
  2. Plowing removes bushes.
  3. Plowing doesn't affect plants or objects on the plowed tile.

Lay stone Edit

(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Lay Stone)

Requires Stone Working skill to perform.

This command converts Plowed Ground into Cobblestone. Can also be directly used upon mountain ground, grasslands, mudflats and heathlands.

Requires 1 Stone.

Also you can use Bricks to make stoned land colorful. It depends from color of brick.

(It should be noted that this in not a required step, I have tested and proven it by plowing and planting grass on a field in my claim.)

Plant Grass Edit

(Adventure -> Landscaping -> Plant Grass)

Requires Farming skill to perform.

This command converts a tile into Grassland, this also works on Cobblestone. Each tile has a very small chance of spawning Grassland wildlife or herbs to forage.

Requires 1 seed of any type (Hops Cones, Carrots, Beetroots, Peapods and Onions do not work.)

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