Treeplanter's Pot
Treeplanter's Pot
Treeplanter's Pot
Size 2 x 2
Skill(s) Required Pottery
Object(s) Required Clay x10
Produced By Kiln
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A treeplanter's pot is an important tool used with Soil, Water, a Herbalist Table and any one of the tree "seeds" such as an Apple Core, Fir Cone, or Mulberry to grow a new Tree (full list). The quality is important for treeplanter's pots as it is one of the factors in determining the tree's quality.

The quality of an unburnt treeplanter's pot is softcapped by the DEX (dexterity) of the crafter.

The quality of the final pot is the average of the quality of the kiln and fuel used with the quality of the unburnt pot doubly weighted.

How to UseEdit

  1. Place 4x soil units into the pot (left-click on the soil, right-click on the pot)
  2. Place 1.0L of water into the pot (left-click on the pot, right-click on the water source). This step couldn't come before the soil.
  3. After the pot is filled with soil and water, put the tree seed into the pot by left-clicking on the seed and right-clicking on the pot. This gives you 20 base LP
  4. Place the filled pot onto a Herbalist Table and leave it there for 5 in-game hours (a little over 1.5 real-life hours). Note: The seed's chances of sprouting depends solely on your Personal Beliefs. Full nature characters have a 100% chance of guaranteeing a sapling while full industry character have a 100% chance of killing it, and the chances of sprouting decrease linearly in-between from full nature to full industry.
  5. Plant the sapling within one in-game day (8 real-life hours) of sprouting or else it dies and you have to repeat the process. You plant a tree by holding the pot by left-clicking and then right-clicking on the exact spot you want to plant your tree (select the Plant option).

To empty the contents of the pot at any time, right-click on the pot and then select the Empty option.

How to AcquireEdit

  1. Gather 10 Clay of any type.
  2. Choose Craft > Ceramics > Treeplanter's Pot, and then click the "Craft" button to get an Unburnt Treeplanter's Pot.
  3. Place the unfinished pot into a kiln with 3+ Branches in it (see Kiln for details on baking pottery).
  4. Right-click the kiln, click "Fire", and wait.
  5. Collect your finished treeplanter's pot after 20 minutes.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you don't have room in your inventory for a crafted item or in your cursor it drops to the ground, and if an item drops in the water (where you were gathering the clay for example) you'll lose the item forever.

Quality for planted trees depends on the Pot Q, Soil Q, Water Q, and your Farming skill

((Soil+Soil+Soil+Soil/4)+Pot+Water+Seed+table)/5=Tree Q

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