Ainran killing a Troll06:16

Ainran killing a Troll

This is the only good video of a troll killing.

Trolls are found in mines while mining. They will become aggressive to you as soon as they are discovered. There is rumors that exist specific tiles underground like ore nodes that have a higher chance of spawning trolls, called "Troll Nodes" (as noted by XCom when Loftar refused to answer if such a thing existed. Still needs confirmation, but recent statistics show this is probable.)

The best way to kill them is to get some alts and trap it. If any friends are on have them get their best bow or sling (bows preferred and really good arrows) and attempt to kill the troll. Having high constitution is a must or you are most likely going to die. You will usually need good armor to survive.

Trolls give troll bones and a troll skull; these items are some of the rarest items in the game. Trolls have about 550 ua.

Trolls Have the Following -Known- stats at level one mine:

-HP: 800

-Damage: 300

It is generally seen that these stats increase by .5 per mine level.

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