Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat
LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required The Will to Power
Skill(s) Enabled Brawling, Militia Training, Valor
Required By Numen points
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The skill Unarmed Combat allows you to punch things. While this is a weak attack, with high strength, and many points in Unarmed Combat, it can be deadly. Since you don't need to place skills in Melee Combat to increase your chance to hit, it's a cheaper form of fighting.

A higher unarmed combat skill increases the effectiveness of your most basic defensive maneouver, "Dodge". For very new characters an unarmed combat skill of 10 or better can be a lifesaver while learning to hunt.

Enables the use of "Punch", "Slide!", "Jump!" and "Charge!"

Punch damage is 50 * sqrt(str / 10).

In-Game TextEdit

"Unarmed combat is the skill of fighting without crutches."

Unarmed combat is the skill of fighting without the aid of a weapon. The body can, through training, become a formidable weapon in and of its own.

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