Vending Stand
File:Vending Stand.png
Vending Stand
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Yeomanry
Object(s) Required Board x10, Block of Wood x5, Linen Cloth x10
Repaired With Linen Cloth
Liftable? No
Hit Points 0
Soak Value 0
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Vending stands were introduced on 8-Nov-2009.

How To BuildEdit

Build > Construction > Vending Stand


The quality of the items used affects how many slots are available for items in the Barter Stand.


Vending Stands have special rules for ownership:

The player who first puts an item into the stand is the owner of the stand, regardless of claims, until the stand is emptied. Please note, however, that, if the stand is on a claimed area (village or personal claim), anyone with appropriate privileges (A village member, or the claim owner) can take stuff from the stand without paying. If the stand is not on a claim, anyone can take stuff from the stand (without black skills). You'll want to build the object on claimed land. The only difference, between the stand and normal objects, in terms of ownership, is that you can interact with the stand even though you normally lack privileges in the claimed area in question (As is also the case with, for example, runestones).


Once it's built, right-click the vending to access the UI.

  • Clicking the "Change Sign" in the bottom right of the interface changes the small wooden sign that displays.
  • To put items in the Vending Stand, simply click those items in your inventory and click them into the stand. Those items will then be available for sale.
  • To change the price of items for sale, click "Change" next to those items. This will display 2 boxes. The first box allows you to enter an amount, the second is a quality.
  • By default, all items will initially go on sale for 1 Gold Coin. To use other coins, click "Change" and then click the coin image. This will cycle through: Gold, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Steel, Tin, Copper, Bronze, Silver coins.
  • Press enter when you've finished and your changes (should) be saved. Vending Stand seems bugged when trying to change coins and seems to take a couple of attempts before it works. :/

Commercial counter is done as written above. Further you simply lay out to it any article and you assign price. - The counter of propagation did not obtain with the absence of centralization, and also sufficient quantity of mines and it is faster the element of the decor.

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