Villages are a convenient way of managing communities. They work as a shared claim which prevents non-members from interacting with village-owned objects and the special village officials get certain benefits.

Each village has a village claim, or idol, which sends out influence in a large area, this area can be expanded with statues and banners to make the village larger. The village claim is similar to land claims, except that it only protects objects, containers, buildings, mines etc.; however, anyone may wander on village ground as they wish. Since unauthorized use (i.e. by non-members) of village property requires criminal action, looting a village will generate scents.

[Verify] Villages maintain a pool of authority, which is generated as members earn LPs based on their intelligent and charisma. The idol, banners, and statues drain authority and lose effectiveness if the authority pool is fully drained. This also allows other to destroy the authority objects.

If you have a village, you can build Crossroads in it. This can be really useful because it can used to get in or out of village without need of keys. You also get an ability to teleport to the village idol.



This rank is the rank for founder of the village. They have absolute control over things that go around in the village. This include revoking personal claims, choosing the chieftian, exiling a village member, wearing Lawspeaker gears, and building crossroads.


This rank is earned when a Lawspeaker chose a person as a Chieftain. They can make people a Hirdsman, exile Hirdsman, summon Hirdsmen to them, make people a member of the village, wear Chieftain gear, and build crossroads.


This rank doesn't give a lot in comparison to a Chieftain, allowing only a person who have this rank to wear Hirdsman cape.

Village MemberEdit

Village Members can interact with village claims, claim a plot in the village's claim, destroy, use, take things in a village claim without leaving scents.


Non-members need theft or vandalism to do anything in a village's influence. However they will leave scents behide, unless they have high Stealth and Intelligence.

Creating villagesEdit

Villages are started by making a village idol, then having up to 5 people with Yeomanry to right click on it (lawspeaker first), and then clicking "make village". After some dramatic fire animations, a village is created. The cost to create a village is 30,000 LP and it is divided evenly among the founding members. (One person with 30,000; two both with 15,000; etc.)

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