As of February 27, 2010 Wind no longer exist. So the information below is relic


In order to interact with wind in any way (catching, removing from or placing into chimes,) you must first have purchased the Stormchasing skill which is unlocked by purchasing the Hearth Magic skill.

Wind Catching Edit

Confirmed: Edit

  • Wind Appears only on Heath lands. (purpleish terrain on the minimap)
  • Wind travels slightly faster than the highest run speed a character can achieve, making it difficult to catch.
  • Wind travels from one side of the Heath to the other in a single direction, despawning when it reaches the edge (plowed fields count).
  • Wind direction can change from time to time.

Unconfirmed: Edit

  • Wind seems not to appear while standing still.
  • Wind seems not to appear if you are traveling in the same direction it is blowing (i.e. you must be traveling against the wind to see it)

Wind Storage and Growth Edit

Confirmed: Edit

  • Wind can only be stored in a character's personal inventory or in a wind chime. It will disappear when dropped.
  • Wind quality increases over time while it is inside of a wind chime.
  • Wind chimes decay as the wind quality inside them increases.
  • Wind chimes can be repaired using wood blocks.
  • A wind chime will disappear if left unrepaired with wind inside.
  • Wind chimes can only be relocated while they contain no wind inside of them.


  • The decay a chime experiences with wind inside, as well as the amount of time it takes to upgrade the wind, appears to be heavily influenced by the quality of the chime.
  • There are reports that a wind chime destroyed by the wind inside it will unleash a storm upon its immediate area, damaging people and objects within it.
  • The amount of time it takes for a wind to upgrade seems to increase based on its current quality (A higher quality wind takes longer to go to the next level than a lower quality
  • Wind inside a chime can exceed the quality of the chime if it is monitored and repaired often.

Applications Edit

Wind is currently very limited in its application within Haven and Hearth.  It appears that the only thing it can currently be used for is the construction of a Wind Blade.

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