LP Cost 1,000
Skill(s) Required Farming
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Numen points
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You need winemaking to plant grape seeds, to press grapes, and fill barrels with grape juice to obtain wine (or vinegar).

In-Game TextEdit

"A panacea to cure all ails."

Winemaking allows your character to grow grapes, and make wine.

Winemaking ProcessEdit

  1. Grow Grapes.
  2. Put Grapes in Winepress to get Grape Juice. (The Grape Seeds are still in the Winepress, so be sure to replant them)
  3. Use a Bucket to transfer the Grape Juice to a Barrel to ferment into Wine.
  4. After one in-game week, the Grape Juice will turn into Wine.
  5. Store the Wine in a Wine Bottle or Bucket, or leave it for another week to become Vinegar.
  6. Drink up!

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