Size 1 x 1
Base LP Gain 1500
Attention 5
Time 24 Hours
LP per Attention 300
LP per Attention per hour 0
Skill(s) Required none
Object(s) Required Dead Chicken, Dead Cock
Produced By Hand
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Wishbones are sometimes acquired from butchering dead chickens. They are a curiosity which require 5 free attention points to study. Wishbone gives you 1500 LP (standard), thus if you have full Change slider and Peaceful slider, you will get 5400 for full study. Studying wishbone takes 24 hours of real time. Be aware if you are crafting something which includes bones and you have a wishbone in your inventory, the wishbone can dissapear because it is also a bone. 

Usually there is 1 chicken that harbours a wishbone in each group of chickens

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