LP Cost 4,000
Skill(s) Required Farming, The Will to Power, Hearth Magic
Skill(s) Enabled Lawspeaking, Road Building
Required By Numen points
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The ability to stake a claim on land, making it and everything on it your property. This includes stone mansions and cabins.

Post Claim UsageEdit

Once you claim an area, you will have a banner-like object with a skull on top of it. Right click this stake to bring up the claim menu. Now you can choose to increase one layer in any direction. Each layer costs LP, based on the number of tiles added.

The set of colors near the bottom are linked to kin colors. If you want anyone under that color kin to be allowed to Trespass, Steal or Vandalize, then select that color and check the boxes corresponding to your choice.

The Reset Option rolls back any unfinished changes to the claim area.


Declaiming rewards all the LP used in this claim back to the owner of the claim, but all materials used to build the claim will be lost.


If you trespass on someone else's claim you will leave a trespass scent, allowing you to be tracked. Most players won't kill you over a trespass but its still better to avoid leaving any scents.

Opening something on a claim only leaves a trespassing scent, but stealing items from a claim leaves a theft scent.

In-Game TextEdit

"This earth, this tree, this piece of ground... It's mine."

Yeomanry allows your character to claim land as personal property. Do so by constructing a Claim via the "Adventure" menu.

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